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Rockhound Memories

Arrowhead anxiety
By Walter Beneze
Posted on 10/16/2019 1:20 PM
I asked Family members for a memory, the following is from my sister;

I am the daughter of a dedicated rockhound. We lived in Colorado when I was a child. It was a beautiful place to grow up. My parents owned some land east of Colorado Springs, 10 acres of an 80 acres parcel. We had the run of the entire 80 acres as the owners were dear family friends.


We collected tons, likely not an exaggeration, of petrified wood. Occasionally we would find exciting treasures like arrowheads or larger stones that had been honed for skinning game.


One particular day, we headed out to ‘the 80’ as we called it. On the way there, we speculated as to who would find what. My mother stated that if anyone found an arrowhead before she did, they would have to walk home.


Being a child, I had no idea how far away home was, but was certain it would have taken me a week to walk it. I was not too worried as I had never before found an arrowhead, but wondered which brother was going to be walking for the next week.


Amazingly enough, the one and only time I ever found an arrowhead was that very day. I had a foam cup that I was collecting my mini treasures in and quietly added the arrowhead to my collection. It was perfectly formed about an inch long and a beautiful deep red color.


One of my brothers managed to find and catch a lizard that day. I tried to set focus on the lizard, as I was not sure I could conceal my find and my excitement. We had to turn the lizard loose, as it was not a proper pet to take home. He would be better off on his own anyway.


Later that day, when we were safely home, I revealed my treasure. My mother was a bit beside herself, I imagine trying not to laugh out loud at her silly daughter. She was proud of my find; it was perfect after all.

My mother did let me know that the ‘walking home’ threat was not serious, and she would not have made me do so. What a relief.


I have many memories of the 80. It was a great place for imagination to run wild, for kids to explore nature, and for collecting petrified wood.


~ Michele Kelley ~

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