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Rockhound Memories

Huntin`& Diggin
By Walter Beneze
Posted on 9/4/2018 10:53 AM
From the Huntin` & Diggin` newsletter, September 2018
By Kim Wallace

So many of our members wander our sub-tropical terrain in search of new treasures. Many of us wander the entire United States and even jump the big pond and explore other continents. But for others, we scroll the internet and hunt in a completely new, trendier fashion. I've discussed it before. The world of rocks and minerals has exploded online. Buyers and groups come and go, but the followers always seem to seek and find their quarry.

Work, work, WORK!! Its all we seem to do most days. However, when dinner is done, and the evening coffee is fresh, it's just you and your interests left to fill your mind. That's when I grab my devices and start to explore. Having joined, followed, and friended so many in the online gem and mineral world; my Facebook feed is a tempting array of daily finds from miners, insane prices on old stock material, and an endless display of imagery.

It's been highly educational! I don't need to visit the library, or trek to my nearest geologist to cure my deep rooted curiosity. After viewing images, reading comments, and just watching people and sales and discussion, I can identify a multitude of rocks, gems and minerals! It's a way of learning that I can do at my own pace and from any comfy spot in the house. All I need is an internet connection and some time. (Although with kids, that time is sometimes spent hiding in the bathroom.)

Just like there are professional campers that “post” at State Parks, there are professional miners scouring the countryside in RV's, trucks, and anything else that'll hold a rock hammer! Can you imagine living like a gypsy, traveling from mine to mine and selling your stock online? RETIREMENT GOAL!! I'd love to hear from anyone that has done this, is doing this, or plans to do it! Sounds like adventure to me. Huntin' and Diggin' til the sun goes down and then riding off into the sunset! The modern day gold rush mixes pick axes with 4G and Wifi.

For now I'm content to tune in to the daily adventures via my news feed. Every once in a while I find an auction or sale that others have somehow overlooked. I've purchased and sold some great material just by paying attention to my newsfeed. Watch a seller for a bit until you are comfortable. There are plenty of scammers prowling out there. Get a feel for the price point before you buy. You'll learn fast to both pick out the reputable sellers/enthusiasts and to identify materials by repeatedly seeing examples of them.

Happy Huntin'! Happy Diggin”!! I'll see you in the Meme Threads!! (Because the funny papers are so last century (; )

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